Mini-Box Kit

The Mini-Box Take-In Kit is designed as a simple, small footprint tool for jewelers, coin dealers and pawn shops to record images for inventory purposes or for e-mail and other web uses. It is ideal for recording and reporting over-the-counter purchases and is indispensable for use at the jewelry repair take-in counter to record damage.

It includes a small 5″ square (small footprint) lighting enclosure, either an AM 3011 Dinolite USB Microscope camera or a higher resolution AM411T camera, a tripod and other accessories. Cost is $199 plus shipping for the 3011 model kit and $379 for the 411T model kit.. Money back guarantee of course. Visit the BUY page to purchase.

If your overhead lighting is poor or an off-color, we suggest the use of a small folding Ott lamp.  These lamps are color-correct and can be folded up and placed in a drawer.  They are available on line  at JoAnn Fabrics stores.

For sample images and instructions, open the following link:

Minibox instructions