Flash Option

Flash Option

We have recently been experimenting with using electronic flash units with the Floating Image Lighting System and we are very excited with the results. We’re so happy with the output that we are now offering the Floating Image Lighting System with either the fluorescent light option, where we provide the fluorescent lights or we ship it with NO lights at reduced cost to you and let you provide the flash units.

The flash units we suggest are the Yongnuo YN 460-II, priced on Amazon at around $55.00; you will need two. These are reliable units, priced far below some of the big name manufacturers. I have several of them and use them constantly.

They operate with 4 AA batteries, I use rechargeable batteries  to reduce battery cost. At the power settings I suggest, I get about 200-300 exposures before a recharge is necessary.

In the long run, electronic flash is:

  1. More consistent. The light is always perfect daylight quality and does not change through time.  Fluorescent bulbs change color as they age, so you have to spend a little more time in editing.
  2. More powerful. The benefit is you can use smaller apertures for better depth of field and still use a fast shutter speed to prevent blur.
  3. Long life.  My units (I have four) each have over six thousand exposures on them without a hitch. I use rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged HUNDREDS of times.
  4. No cords to trip on and the setup can be used anywhere; no electric outlets required.
  5. Variable light output, easy to tweak correct exposure.
  6.  Smaller, lighter, variable power!

Both these flashes are used “off camera” just like the fluorescent lights; no need to attach them to the camera in any way, no cords are necessary. And you do NOT need to buy an expensive (and often unreliable) radio transmitter to get these flashes to work. There are very few professional photographers who know how to do this, but I share the procedure with my clients. Complete detailed instructions are provided with every purchase of the Floating Image Lighting System.