Dinolite Cameras


What are they and how do they work?

     The Dinolite USB Microscope Cameras are video microscopes with a still capture capability. You can record full motion video, time-lapse video and capture still images with them!   Depending on the model they have a magnification range of about 10x to 200x or more.

The Dinolite USB Microscope Cameras  look like a tube about three inches long and an inch in diameter. They plug into a USB port on your computer, and using the software included with each camera, the screen shows a real-time image.  You point the camera, turn the focusing ring and click your mouse on the image to capture it.  It is automatically downloaded to a folder on your computer called Digital Microscope.  You can retrieve it from there, view it full screen, e-mail it, edit it in an image editing software like Photoshop Elements, ipiccy or GIMP, whatever you wish.  The camera records in BMP or JPG format, in color or black & white. They work with both Mac and Windows.

The software includes a full range of image control, so you can adjust the appearance of your image in real time, then take the picture.

They are manufactured in Taiwan to very high industrial standards. The company makes a wide variety of cameras, used in such diverse fields as the medical and dental professions, biological and botanical research, crime scene investigation, industrial quality control, art forensics and many other fields. 

I specialize in promoting their use in the jewelry, diamond, coin and pawn industries, because I have a lifelong  background in jewelry  and photography, so I understand the problems and solutions there. I have created and manufacture certain accessories that make these cameras easier to use or provide a better result in certain situations. Take a look.

Although there is a wide variety of available cameras, I generally recommend and sell only a limited number of models.  Over the seven years I have been a vendor of these cameras, the AM3011 and AM411T models seem to fit the jewelry and related industries best.  If you are concerned about choosing the right model or the right accessories, just give us a call. We are not interested in selling you what you don’t need or what won’t fulfill your expectations or spending more money than necessary.  We’re here to help and glad to do it! Please, don’t hesitate to call if you have questions.