Diamond Viewing & Imaging Accessory

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The Diamond Viewing & Imaging Accessory was created at the request of diamond dealers and jewelers. It provides a way to show clients the actual diamond on the computer monitor or TV screen in real time. The images are clear enough to show external damage, surface features such as nicks and chips, girdle inscriptions and grade setting internal inclusions. The images can be captured in a single mouse click, stored for inventory or appraisal reasons, e-mailed to prospective buyers or kept as a record of  the condition of stones out on memo. It takes approximately 30 seconds from diamond paper to captured image on the screen.

This item is sold as an accessory to the Dinolite USB Microscope cameras that we carry, but are sold without the microscope. Cost is $199.00 plus shipping and includes all accessories pictured including the stand which provides extremely fine focusing ability.

Recommended Dinolite camera is the AM411T, $329.00 plus shipping. The AM411T camera is described elsewhere on this site, under Dinolite Cameras.

See the following link for a complete illustrated description of the Diamond Imaging and Viewing Accessory.

Diamond Imaging Tool