My experience includes over 40 years in professional photography, both doing and teaching, as well as over 20 years experience in the retail jewelry industry, including original custom design and repair shop management. I was a pioneer in the CAD/CAM world as it relates to jewelry design, having been an original beta tester for both Rhinoceros and Gemvision’s Matrix software.

After retiring from the jewelry industry, my attention has turned to the development of accessories to be used by jewelers and diamond dealers with the Dinolite USB Microscope cameras.  I am an authorized re-seller of the entire Dinolite line and I manufacture specialty accessories for those cameras for use in the jewelry and diamond trade.

Additionally, I have developed and manufacture the inexpensive Floating Image Lighting System for jewelry photography. This system allows the quick and easy creation of jewelry images on a shadow-free white background, eliminating the need for stripping or masking in the editing process. It can be used with any camera, including the Dinolite Microscope Camera, “point-and-shoot” digital cameras, professional DSLR cameras, even Smart Phones.  It is the only such system in the world that allows for either continuous fluorescent lighting or flash lighting. (Note: The Dinolite Microscope Cameras and most Smart Phones or tablets cannot be used with the system  flash option.)

With both small expense and a compact physical footprint, it is the ideal solution for easily creating web-ready jewelry images with any camera. Whether photography novice or pro, excellent results are guaranteed with not just our products but our personal support and guidance. I am committed to YOUR success!

I hope you take the time to thoroughly explore my web site, learning about how I can help solve any of your photo-related challenges, whether that be quality images for your web site, documenting jewelry damage at the repair take-in counter or showing clients the features of a diamond on your monitor or big screen TV or training you or your staff in 3-day on-site training classes. I can help!

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Wayne Emery