WELCOME to Jewelry Photo Solutions!

If you’re struggling to make nice jewelry photos for your web site, and don’t have time to go to photography Sshool or want to waste time struggling with masking in Photoshop, I can help! I can show you how to get web-ready well-exposed images on a shadow-free background right out of the camera!  Now THAT is a time savings!

Can you use images like these?

pearlring 01            redtourm2           003559arotated

GREAT!  Go to the Floating Image Lighting System menu bar right now and learn how YOU can make photos like these quickly and easily, even if you’ve never used a camera before!!

But that’s not all….

Do you do jewelry repair? Buy or sell coins? Take items in on pawn?

Then you REALLY need to look at the Dinolite USB Microscope cameras.

You can view the item UP CLOSE with your customer, document a repair or chipped stone, all in seconds and in a tiny footprint, too! Hey, it’s a microscope!! Visit Dinolite Cameras and Mini-Box Take-In Kit to learn more.

MQ tip      5 stone ring at 320 x 240     CZ girdle      IMG_3476_1

Of course, there’s even more….

Do you buy or sell diamonds, retail OR wholesale? Then you understand the problems with trying to describe in words the clarity of a given stone.  Why not email them an image?

Or maybe you need to show a retail customer what their prospective stone looks like under magnification without them fumbling with a loupe or a microscope.  Why not show it CLEARLY on your computer monitor or big screen TV?

Or maybe you’re a seller and need to record the condition of a memo stone going out (no more “Hey, it was chipped when I got it!)…easy as pie!

Just show and record images like this, in seconds:

153srb       drill hole segments       odd inclusion closer       1c PR max magnification

Visit the Diamond Imaging & Viewing Accessory under the Dino Accessories menu to learn more!

Stay tuned for our Blog beginning soon…our goal is to provide inter-active learning for jewelers and jewelry artisans, diamond dealers, pawn shop owners and coin dealers. We’ll teach you photography from A to Z!  We know jewelry and we know photography, so be sure to join us and learn! Thanks for visiting!

Wayne Emery